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Help and Support

If you've got a question about playing the games at then check below where we answer the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not covered feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements to play?

Any relatively modern computer or mobile device should have no problems running all of the games. No downloads or extra software is required to play the games.

How do I save my credits / game progress?

Currently there is no way to save your credits or game progress when playing at - every time you load or reload a game you start with a set amount of credits.

Can I play for real money at

No. only offers free play. If you want to play for real then you will need to choose an online casino either on the individual game pages or via our online casinos section.

Are the games mobile compatible?

Yes. As of December 2020 all games at are compatible with all devices including mobiles and tablets.

When are the prize draws coming?

While we had hoped to have the prize draws up and running in 2016 due to regulatory changes there is now no ETA on when prize draws will be added.

Can I save the games and play offline?

No - you have to have an internet connection to play.

Are the odds the same when I play for real money?

Yes. All of the games featured on use the same gaming servers as the real money versions. The odds of winning on our free games are exactly the same as the real money versions.

Can I claim the casino bonuses more than once?

No. All of the bonus offers can only be collected once and are for new customers only. If you already have an account at one of the online casinos you cannot open a new account at that casino.

Can you help with a casino dispute?

If you're having an issue with an online casino you joined via please let us know and we will try to assist.